Insurance Card Holders: Vinyl Colors & Set-Up Charges

Vinyl insurance card holders are one of our most popular items. The most common question buyers have is what colors are available.

Before I start the list, keep in mind that navy is a dark blue, royal blue is a few shades lighter than navy and medium blue is a Carolina blue.

Here’s the list of colors available for each style…

The style 807, 807T and 807E are available in red, navy blue, green, black, maroon, grey, white, medium blue, orange, purple, yellow, teal and royal blue.

Styles 806, 806E, 806T, 808, 808W, 803L, 803, 803P, 805 and 805P are available in red, black, green, navy blue and royal blue.

Style 809 is available in red, navy blue and black.

Styles MCR215, MCR216 and MCR217 are available in clear, red, navy blue, green, black and royal blue.

The MCR800-1-1C is available red, dark green, royal blue, navy blue, black.

The MCRI818FO is available in 2 colors: royal blue and black.

The MCR800-1 is available in red, navy blue, green, black, brown, maroon, gray, white, medium blue, orange, purple, yellow, bone, royal blue, teal, pink, lime, gold or silver.

The MCR800-2 is available in red, navy blue, green, black, brown, grey, white, medium blue, orange, purple, yellow, bone, royal blue, teal, pink, gold, silver, maroon.

The MCR800-3 is available in red, dark green, navy blue and black.

Lastly, the pricing on the insurance card holders includes up to 5 lines of text and a stock logo (excluding the 808W). Stock logos are typically insurance company logos and associations. There is no set-up charge to use a stock logo.

If you’d like to use your agency logo, there is a $50 set-up charge. The set-up charge is a one-time charge which will not be assessed on future orders unless you make a change to the logo, the text or the item.

The 808W is not customizable. The “What to do at the scene of an accident” imprint is a stock imprint and cannot be altered. Additionally, when using that imprint on the 808, there is no room available to print any custom information.

For a free sample of an insurance card holder, please call 877-558-6002, ext. 1.

807 Insurance Card Holder

The 807 insurance card holder is an amazing, often under appreciated marketing tool.  Over the years, I have been asked a countless number of times “if I only have $X.XX dollars to spend, what promotional product should I buy?” or “I’m just starting out, what’s the first promotional product I should buy?”

My answer is simple and always the same: vinyl insurance card holders.

They’re not very glamorous or sophisticated but their strength as a marketing tool is their simplicity and affordability. Depending on the style you choose and the quantity you order, the price you’ll pay will be from the $.75 range down to the $.23 807 Insurance Card Holderrange per unit (as of this writing) but this is small change when compared to their value.

Insurance card holders are very popular because they offer a convenient way for the insured to keep their insurance information and registration together in one spot for easy access in the event they get pulled over or they get into an accident.

When you give your insured the insurance ID card holder, they’ll keep it in the glove box, over their visor or in the center console for a very long time. Each time they swap out their new insurance card for the expiring insurance card, they’ll see your name and contact info.

One of our most popular items is the 807 insurance card holder. The 807 is 5-3/4”wide by 4-1/16” high. It’s available in thirteen different colors, we also have some stock imprints for insurance companies and also associations. This insurance card holder features and opaque vinyl side and your imprint will go on the outside and a clear side. The 2 sides form a pocket and the information is inserted into this pocket.  The 807 can be imprinted landscape style like or it can also be imprinted portrait. The item opens along the 4-1/16” side.

We do have free shipping available on the 807-1 insurance card holder. It’s the same item as the 807 but, when you order 1000 or more units, you get free ground shipping.

If you’d like a FREE sample of any insurance card holder, please call 877-558-6002, ext 1.

Here’s a video that explains more about the 807 insurance card holder

Uncomplicated Marketing

Do you know how to do “search retargeting” is?  Do you know what “web analytics” is and how to use it market your insurance agency? How about a “heatmap”?

Me neither.

While marketing your insurance agency on the internet is important and can be effective, it’s getting more and more complex. Nowadays, the amount of stuff you need to know in order to market your insurance agency on the internet could fill a library and it’s ever changing. It’s truly overwhelming but, if you want to market your insurance agency on the internet, you basically have 2 options:

  1. You could learn enough about internet marketing to make a decent stab at it. You’ll have to decide which articles and videos are the most relevant and beneficial to you (and there a many to choose from). This will take a huge chunk of time. Then, once you find resources you feel are trustworthy, you have to devote time to learning. Yet another big chunk of your time. Then, once you feel comfy, you can venture into trying to do some internet marketing. You’ll bumble around and have a few successes and you’ll make a few mistakes (which cost money of course). You will have to invest both time and money. Eventually, the importance of servicing your customers will pull you away from your new (and sometimes frustrating) internet marketing efforts. You’ll then put those efforts on the shelf and get back them at a later date (or not).
  2. You could hire an expert. There are tons of them in the marketplace. You’ll have to do the research and chose one that you think will work best for you. The upside is that you will no longer have to become an internet marketing expert. A good expert stays on top of the latest trends, changes and options and can create a program that fits to your needs. Hiring an expert is an investment but, nonetheless, you still have to come up with the cash in the first place and wait for the return. Additionally, the expert has other clients to service along with you so you’ll need to be patient – your results may take longer than you’d like.

I hope you’re not thinking I’m beating up on internet marketing. I love all marketing including internet marketing. I’m picking on internet marketing to prove a point. It’s complicated marketing that takes expertise in order to be successful.

May I propose an alternative? How about trying some uncomplicated marketing like distributing promotional products?

One powerful benefit of promotional products is that they deliver your marketing message over and over long after you paid for them. You only have to pay for the advertising once. For example, an imprinted promotional bag generates 6,000 impressions during the useful life of that bag. Imprinted pens, on average, have the lowest cost per impression at a cost of $.001 per impression (that’s one tenth of one cent!). Promotional products are one of the most cost efficient marketing mediums in existence.

Probably the most powerful benefit to marketing your insurance agency with promotional products is that it is incredibly easy and takes no expertise or special training. You simply have to buy them and have a plan to distribute them to your customers and prospects. It’s really that easy.

Here are only a few ideas on how to use promotional products to market your insurance agency:

1. Hand out promotional pens when you patronize local businAlan Ballpoint Penesses. For example, give few pens to your favorite server at the local diner the next time you eat there. Servers always need new pens because people steal them all the time. Soon after, your pens will be filtering through your community.

2. Whenever you write an auto policy, insert the insurance card into a vinyl insurance card holder and give it to your insured. Tell them that the insu808W Insurance Card Holderrance card holder will keep their insurance information organized and readily available in the event of an accident or they get pulled over by law enforcement. Insureds tend to hold onto those insurance card holders for years and years.

3. WCustom Embroidered Apparelear custom corporate apparel with your agency name embroidered on the left chest. You’d be surprised how many conversations you’ll start by simply wearing a shirt, jacket or sweater your agency name embroidered on it.

4. Whenever you correspond with an insured via mail, insert a Small House Shaped Magnetrefrigerator magnet into the envelope. Additionally, add “PS” at the end of letter asking the insured to put the magnet on their fridge so that they will have your contact info handy should they need you.

Mr. Tote Grocery Bag5. Give new and existing customers Mr. Tote Recyclable Grocery Tote whenever they come to your office. People appreciate these bags and they are useful and durable so they will be used over and over again.

Springtime Guerrilla Marketing

This morning, while taking my walk, I discovered a guerrilla had come through my neighborhood last night.

A guerrilla marketer that is.

Dispersed throughout the neighborhood lawns were promotional flyers imprinted with ad copy promoting a lawn maintenance company. On the inside, the guerrilla added a weather proof label featuring even more information about the company’s service offering, contact information and a discount offer. I’d be willing to bet that the guerrilla marketer spent less than a few bucks per unit to capture the attention of my fellow neighbors. Given the cost of lawn maintenance, if the marketer acquires one customer, I’m sure the cost of this promotion will be paid off and the marketer will see a profit on their investment.

IMAG00108[1]This simple idea could work for your insurance agency as well. They can be printed with your contact information, they’re easy to distribute and they’re really inexpensive. Best of all, people love flyers so your marketing message will be seen over and over again.

Lastly, the big idea when marketing your agency with promotional products is the distribution. This idea is rock solid proof that marketing does not need to be complicated nor expensive. Great marketing starts with a creative idea and effort and both of those are free. I very often tell my customers that you can have the coolest promotional item every created and if it never leaves your supply closet, you’ve wasted your money. On the flip-side, you can purchase the dumbest promotional item ever created but if you’re distributing the item to your prospects and customers, you’ll eventually be a winner.

The Manko Company has available 1000’s of promotional items and the know-how to help you successfully market your agency. Many items are well under $5.00 per unit and most are well under $2.00 per item. We have experience working with nearly 2000 insurance agencies just like yours and we have case study examples of how other insurance agencies have used promotional products to market their agencies.


Fun Marketing Using Imprinted Coloring Books

Consider marketing your agency with imprinted coloring books. Here’s why: have you ever tried to do business with a husband and wife who showed up to your office with a small child in tow? Was it distracting? Did the appointment take a lot longer than necessary because little Timmy didn’t feel like being cooperative while mommy and daddy worked with the nice insurance agent? I’d be willing to bet that this has happened to you and, if it hasn’t, it will someday.

Giving promotional products to children may seem like a waste of money. After all, children don’t buy insurance. While this is true, pretty much everyone on planet Earth knows that children are a heavy influence upon the behavior of their parents so, if you can keep little Timmy from having a meltdown, you might be able to write some business before Timmy forces his parents to leave your office before you complete the transaction.

Imprinted Coloring Books

How about offering little Timmy a coloring book? It’s a win-win-win: Timmy is happy because he has something to do, his parents are happy because he’s not creating a scene, you’re happy because you can get the necessary work done AND Timmy is happy and he’s way too busy coloring in his new coloring book to tear your office apart.

Here’s another creative way to use coloring books to market your insurance agency. Let’s say you’re exhibiting at a local fair or community event. Consider offering coloring books and a yummy snack like cookies or cupcakes to the kids as they walk past your booth with their parents. The kids won’t be able to resist the offer of the food and coloring book and they will drag their parents to your booth. As they approach your booth, you’ll have a chance to strike up a conversation with the parents. Bingo! Another new opportunity to write some new business!



Insurance Card Holder Pricing Increase

807_04_Black_HRCustom printed vinyl insurance card holders are an inexpensive and effective marketing tool. They are, by far, our most popular category in our line. The reason is simple, they provide insureds a convenient way to keep their auto insurance card and registration organized and available quickly in the event of an accident or if they get pulled over by a law officer.

When writing an auto policy, simply insert the insurance card into the insurance card holder and hand it to your insured and tell them to put it in their glove box. Your agency name and contact info will be seen by your insured every time they go to the glove box to change out the insurance card.

Our pricing on these popular items is among the lowest in the country and we want to keep it that way. That said, after 4 years, our supplier is raising the pricing just a few pennies on April 1, 2015. If you’d like to take a look at our selection of insurance card holders, please click insurance card holder options

The most popular insurance card holders are the 807, 806, 803L and the 808. We have the 808W available with the “What to do at the scene of an auto accident” imprint. Lastly, the 807-1, 806-1, 803L-1, 808-1 and the 808W-1 are all available with free ground shipping. We do have other styles available: the 805P is a long insurance card holder with a business card pocket and the 803P is an even longer insurance card holder with a business card pocket. Both syles are available with free ground shipping when ordering 1000 units or more. Those items numbers are: 805P-1 and the 803P-1.

Please keep in mind that the products with the “-1” in the style number are IDENTICAL to the same item without that designation. The “-1” designation simply let’s our system know to deduct the shipping from your order. This way you receive the free shipping.