807 Insurance Card Holder

The 807 insurance card holder is an amazing, often under appreciated marketing tool.  Over the years, I have been asked a countless number of times “if I only have $X.XX dollars to spend, what promotional product should I buy?” or “I’m just starting out, what’s the first promotional product I should buy?”

My answer is simple and always the same: vinyl insurance card holders.

They’re not very glamorous or sophisticated but their strength as a marketing tool is their simplicity and affordability. Depending on the style you choose and the quantity you order, the price you’ll pay will be from the $.75 range down to the $.23 807 Insurance Card Holderrange per unit (as of this writing) but this is small change when compared to their value.

Insurance card holders are very popular because they offer a convenient way for the insured to keep their insurance information and registration together in one spot for easy access in the event they get pulled over or they get into an accident.

When you give your insured the insurance ID card holder, they’ll keep it in the glove box, over their visor or in the center console for a very long time. Each time they swap out their new insurance card for the expiring insurance card, they’ll see your name and contact info.

One of our most popular items is the 807 insurance card holder. The 807 is 5-3/4”wide by 4-1/16” high. It’s available in thirteen different colors, we also have some stock imprints for insurance companies and also associations. This insurance card holder features and opaque vinyl side and your imprint will go on the outside and a clear side. The 2 sides form a pocket and the information is inserted into this pocket.  The 807 can be imprinted landscape style like or it can also be imprinted portrait. The item opens along the 4-1/16” side.

We do have free shipping available on the 807-1 insurance card holder. It’s the same item as the 807 but, when you order 1000 or more units, you get free ground shipping.

If you’d like a FREE sample of any insurance card holder, please call 877-558-6002, ext 1.

Here’s a video that explains more about the 807 insurance card holder