Promotional Pens – Cost Effective Marketing

I’m sure you’ll agree that we are bombarded by marketing messages. When you go to the internet, you see banner ads and pop-up ads on just about every page. When you drive down the highway, you see billboards and flags. If you’re like me, you mute TV and radio ads. In fact, you might even DVR or subscribe to a service like Netflix in order to avoid ads all together. The deluge of marketing messages is real and overwhelming.

If you really want to get your marketing message seen, perhaps you should invest your marketing money into promotional products. As mentioned in a previous blog, the most powerful aspect of using promotional products to market your business is that you can cut through all the noise and put your marketing message directly into the hands of your prospect or customer.

Of all the categories of promotional products there are in the marketplace, imprinted promotional pens make up a large percentage of total sales of all Promotional Penspromotional products. The reason is simple: imprinted promotional pens are extremely cost effective marketing tools.

The Study of Writing Instruments in U.S. Households by Promotional Products Association International examined the importance of writing instruments in everyday life and their effectiveness as an advertising medium. The survey responses revealed some powerful facts about imprinted promotional pens:

  • Nearly 70% of promotional pen recipients who had received one pen in the past year remembered the name of the advertiser.
  • Nearly 53% remembered the message imprinted on the pen.
  • Thirty-two percent said the pen affected their decision to contact the advertiser.
  • Forty percent reported the intention to do further business with the advertiser in the future.
  • Forty percent used the promotional pen they received at least one time per day and up to 5 times per day.
  • Fifty-six percent reported that they keep their promotional pen for as long as it writes.
  • For a promotional pen that costs the advertiser $1.00, the impression cost per 1000 users over an entire year is $.436. This means that the overall cost for each impression is only a fraction of a cent at $.000436.