Water Bottle Labels – An Inexpensive Solution to an Expensive Marketing Problem

Handing out bottled water at an event is a brilliant marketing idea.  I have customers who call me regularly interested in purchasing custom labeled bottled water. They make a great giveaway because when you hand them out at a public event, folks will see other folks with the bottles and they’ll wander over to your booth or table to get some of that water, especially on a hot Summer day. It’s a nice way to attract people to your table or to your booth.

The downside of purchasing this great giveaway is that the overall cost of custom labeled bottled water is astronomical. The price you’re paying for the item is not only to print the labels and affix the labels to the bottles but you’re also paying to ship the bottles to you. Have you ever picked up a case of bottled water? Pretty heavy and thus pretty expensive to ship. Can you imagine how much it would cost to ship them?

I’d like to propose an idea that’s an inexpensive solution to this expensive marketing problem.  My suggestion is to have custom water bottle labels printed. We have water bottle labelsavailable labels that are specifically made for water bottles. They are made from a material that can hold up to the ice in your cooler. They are printed in full color and have a large imprint area. The water bottle labels are printed in several sizes to accommodate different bottle sizes and we can help you order the correct size.

Once you receive your labels, simply go to Costco, BJ’s, Walmart or wherever and buy some cases of water. Then remove the labels on the bottles and affix your own label onto the bottle. It may take a little practice. Also, I recommend buying a few single bottles to test the removal process since some labels are easier to remove than others.

Please watch our Marketing Munchy Video about custom water bottle labels:

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